* Our Visitors Comments

~ Beautiful place to be! Very nice people, warm welcome! We love the silence and quietness. Thank you. Bert + Rosanna Kortenhoeven, Holland.

~ Lovely hosts, gorgeous dogs, beautiful breakfast - multiple thanks! Sally & Teddy Bower, Western Australia.

~ Peaceful surroundings and picturesque - only one night but welcomed warmly. Food good, beds blissful. Martin and Penny Desmond, Berks.

~ Thank you for your hospitality, which made it a pure pleasure to spend the night in the beautiful surroundings. Bergstadius & Sundquist, Sweden.

~ We are here for the second time and feel at home. Many thanks. M + H Riege, Germany.

~ Your hospitality was lovely and the place was truly incredible. We will suggest it!! F + V Pester. Rome, Italy.

~ Thank you for a quiet and comfortable stay. Anne and Kerman Fristrom, California, USA.

~ Thank you both for your friendship. Recommended without hesitation. Eddie Hebdon, Devon.

~ Friendly hosts, nice place. R + R Feries, Germany.